Legend’s Day

By Susan Phillips

We slept a little later than we wanted, so I missed all but the end of the classic roadster action this morning. My timing was good because I managed to get there just in time for the arrival of the drivers for the Annual Driver’s Meeting. Into the mêlée I went with my trusty Canon EOS Rebel, which I think is the photographic equivalent of a flip phone. It was fun to see how the drivers arrived to the meeting. Some had entourages. Conor Daly and Mario, and others drove the golf cart (once a driver, always a driver), and some simply walked in. I think Alonso finally spotted me (I really think he was pointing to someone behind me).


I always wonder what goes through the driver’s minds when they are sitting in the Driver’s Stands waiting to get their starter’s ring. To me, it looked like before a class group shot at school—everybody squirming and having a laugh while looking at their phones. What on earth was so funny on Carlos Munoz phone? What did Tony Kannan think was so? Was Pippa Mann checking out Jack Harvey’s Candy Crush score? We will never know. It looked like a fun and relaxed group for the meeting—probably the last time they get to relax before they hit the parade and their sponsor commitments for the evening and then on to the race tomorrow.

I caught some of the drivers leaving the meeting with their families– Heather Carpenter was all smiles. It was also funny to see Ed Carpenter’s son strike a typical kid-like pose. Dad, did we REALLY have to wear matching shirts? And last, but not least, the Borg-Warner trophy made its way into a waiting van to ride in the 500 Festival Parade. I’m surprised it doesn’t ride in an armored car.

Right now, George is perusing the museum with his family, two of which are engineers, so I may not see them for hours. My son has safely made it as far as Louisville—his guest this year is a first-timer, so I hope we add another fan to the fan-base.

Legends Day is always a laid-back day (you know how I like those) and I was surprised at the crowd that showed up to pay homage to the roadsters and stay for the Driver’s Meeting. I hope I give you a small slice of the day with my photos.























24chilton Pags









6 Responses to “Legend’s Day”

  1. Thanks for sharing Susan.

  2. Great pics Susan! Loved that ’77Cam2 McLaren Mario drove!! Too bad the drivers can’t put down their silly phones for 20 minutes…

  3. Matt B. (Dayton, OH) Says:

    Great photographs. Thanks for sharing them!

  4. billytheskink Says:

    Looks like Josef’s “Shirts for Sage” program worked, now he can move on to “Slacks for Saavedra”.

  5. Ron Ford Says:

    Thanks for the photographs Susan. Based on your comment about your Cannon EOS Rebel camera, maybe I will trade in my expensive Pentax K-50 for one of those since mine has a 300 page operating manual. Awhile back I recall a photo of Mr. OilPressure next to a car in the IMS museum. It was not immedaitely apparent which one was original and which one was restored.

  6. Thanks so much, Susan, for sharing your day with us. What did we all do before smart phones? I look forward to your insights about the race. How was go carting?

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