A Blemish On The Month Of May

As enjoyable as the Month of May is to fans of the Indianapolis 500, you knew there had to be a blemish somewhere. You just stumbled upon it here. It’s the first of two May editions of One Take Only, the videoblog of Oilpressure.com. My friend John McLallen and I sit down for about fifteen minutes or so and just start talking racing. It just so happens we have a camera rolling in the process.

We have no script or outline. We don’t prepare or rehearse. We just sit down and start winging it. There is no editing, either. What we get is what you see. Many of you love these and keep asking for more. Most of those that hate them have quit complaining. They just see what it is and move on without even watching.

If you fall in the latter category, come back tomorrow and every day in May. We’ll only do one more of these this month. If you do like these, pour a cup of coffee and sit down and enjoy it. If you really like these, every one we’ve ever done going back to 2011 is archived on this site under the One Take Only page. Coincidentally, to this point we have done exactly thirty-three episodes.

For those that despise these things (and yes, there are many). I’m sorry I’ve sullied your month. Hopefully I can redeem myself in your eyes just in time for the next one in a couple of weeks.

George Phillips

6 Responses to “A Blemish On The Month Of May”

  1. Glad to see John woke up in time to actually record this. Was he less than 90 minutes late? BTW, John, congrats on your pending retirement!! Looking forward to seeing both of you here in just a couple weeks. Guess I owe someone a tenderloin (damn Blackhawks laying an egg).

  2. billytheskink Says:

    Nice shirt, John…

  3. Yannick Says:

    Thanks for the new episode. Here’s looking forward to the Grand Prix of Indianapolis – and your coverage of it. With Chevy having the preferred aero kit and Honda having the preferred engine and vice versa, the Indy road course with its huge front straight and twisty infield section should provide some pretty exciting racing and maybe even some surprise results as there are going to be low downforce setups from the Chevy teams and some more wing from most but maybe not all Honda teams, enabling both manufacturers to level out their respective weaknesses in one technical area with their strengths in another over the course of a full lap of the Indianapolis GP track.

    So if you get a chance to ask any questions whilst being trackside, please ask the competitors for their preferred type of setup at this track: low, medium or high downforce. This could certainly be a completing factor to your race coverage. Thank you.

  4. tonelok Says:

    I would argue that since you are getting annoyed with all the Alonso coverage George as being the only story, as there are others- I would ask, what other stories are there? There are no other storylines. Can you please fill me in?

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