The Wine Made Me Do It

By Susan Phillips

When you write the “color” pieces for a blog, it becomes more and more difficult to think of things to write about. I have written about Barber Motorsports Park many times over the years, and while it is still beautiful, and a definite “put this on my list of tracks to visit–you can only show a picture of the guys on the wheels statue so many times before it becomes old hat.

Finally, we met our friend Lynn Weinberg and her husband, Bruce, at the Fan Village—as we had been Facebook friends and Twitter buddies for several years. I believe I have met my twin sister from another mother in Lynn. It’s probably best that we don’t live near each other because I suspect we could get into a lot of trouble. We wandered around the Fan Village and became thirsty, so we each got a mini-can of sparkling wine. Then we wandered around a bit more until Honda announced they were giving away two-seater rides. I have always wanted to see this track from a driver’s perspective, so I was IN! I signed up and got my picture taken and got chosen (I do have a big mouth when it comes down to it) to go on stage. Lynn was also chosen. Little did we know that we would have to do a dance-off to win the ride.

Six people made it up on the stage for the first round. The music started and I totally rocked it–not really, if you count having the moves from Saturday Night Fever and April the Giraffe giving birth combined. Surprise—it paid off—I made it to the final round. After a short break for CPR, we showed our moves.

What I think I look like…


What I actually look like…


Sadly, I was a runner-up and the guy who won the two-seater did not even know how to pronounce Hinch’s name—but that’s how fans are born. I look forward to seeing how it goes for him in this morning. The other dancer and I got runner’s up prizes—which were AWESOME—Pace Car Rides! I can’t wait. Lynn had already scheduled a pace car ride around the track this morning, so we will be together again. I hope we don’t cause any track incidents because it will be hard to say at 10 am that the “wine made us do it.”

5 Responses to “The Wine Made Me Do It”

  1. Congrats, you will love it! Hopefully it is with Mr. Rutherford!

    • Bruce Waine Says:

      Believe that Sarah Fisher was selected to become Johnny Rutherford’s replacement, as official Pace Car driver, at the beginning of the 2016 race season, when Johnny retired…….

  2. A pace car ride is a great prize. I guess it’s much kinder to your neck muscles as well. Enjoy the ride!

  3. So how was your pace car experience? Very exciting!

  4. Lynn Weinberg Says:

    I had a blast with you! I’ve decided I should never dance in public again though! The pace car ride was amazing, I loved every second of it!

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