Welcome To Pocono Raceway

Good morning from Pocono Raceway. This is my first visit to the Tricky Triangle and so far, it lives up to expectations. The scenery here is gorgeous. Once we entered western Pennsylvania, the scenery became prettier each mile we drove. By the time we hit the Poconos, it looked like something off of a post card (remember those?).

The approach to the track is unique. From Interstate 80, it is a winding two-lane road that passes several rustic looking log cabin-like structures surrounded by thick woods. Suddenly, you top a hill and there is an out of place clearing on the left. The first thing you see are the familiar twin spires that we’ve all seen on television. It seems odd that someone decided this was the perfect place to put a race track. But, I’m glad they did.

The weather today is absolutely beautiful. It was a crisp fifty-six degrees when we left the hotel this morning, and there is not a cloud in the sky. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that will be the case tomorrow. Just about all weather outlets have been calling for a 100% chance of rain on Sunday afternoon. That was lessened to only a 90% this morning. Most models say the rain will start around 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, about an hour after the start of the race.

I don’t know what the TV restrictions are, with the Olympics and all; but I would stay tuned to whichever outlet you follow to stay up on the TV schedule – it may switch. I would not be surprised if the race ended up on another NBC outlet at an earlier time. I think there is a real good chance that this race could end up being the ABC Supply 275. If not, the race will likely either start or continue on Monday, when the weather looks like it looks today – perfect.

There are no support races here this weekend so they can be more flexible, but they have to satisfy the TV partners also. Stay tuned.

The first IndyCar practice takes place at 9:00, so I will be getting out shortly to take it in. I also want to walk around and take in this very unique facility. But I’ll be back here later today with practice results and impressions of the facility and of course…the all-important review of the concessions. I’ll also share a few details about the guy’s-weekend with Paul Dalbey, instead of my much-preferred travelling companion – my wife Susan.

In the meantime, please follow me on Twitter (@Oilpressureblog) for updates, photos and more. Check back here later.

George Phillips

One Response to “Welcome To Pocono Raceway”

  1. So, the silly season begins. Dalbey out, Susan back in the car for 2017?

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