Road America – Day Two

Day Two at Road America appears to be more of the same – and then some. As big as the crowd was yesterday, it appears that today will be much bigger. I’m not sure but it looked like we got the last parking space in our lot, and we were here by 9:30. The lots we drove by on the way to ours were filling up also – and this is not race day, at least not for the Verizon IndyCar Series.

Currently, Race One for the Pro Mazda Series is underway. Yesterday, there was not a single time when there was no track activity. Altogether there will be five races among the different series here this weekend, along with IndyCar practice at 11:00 and IndyCar qualifying at 3:00.

It was officially announced yesterday that Josef Newgarden will be able to race on Sunday. I cannot imagine he will be 100%, but it shows the grittiness of the young driver from Nashville. I applaud him for not allowing pain to keep him from getting as many points as possible, especially since it was also announced yesterday that he and Conor Daly will not be allowed to participate when the Texas race resumes in August.

That’s going to do it for now. We are going to go out and enjoy the day. Susan says she will have a post up sometime in the early afternoon and I’ll be back for a wrap-up late this afternoon. Please follow the two of us throughout the day on Twitter at @Oilpressureblog and @MrsOilpressure.

Please check back later.

George Phillips

4 Responses to “Road America – Day Two”

  1. Brian McKay Says:


  2. Edgar Emmitt Says:

    One of the great things about RA is you can get up close to the drivers in the pits.
    My grandkids saw their 1 Indy 500 and we’re anxious to meet these drivers.
    These kids have had 3 wonderful day’s talking and getting autographs from the drivers.
    Hat’s off to these Indy Car star’s for making two kids very happy.

    Now they can’t wait for the green flag to fly tomorrow and cheer for these drivers.

    This is a such a great way for Indy Car to grow.

  3. SkipinSC Says:

    What you have described is the type of show IndyCar should be having in far more of its venues. Continuous activity does not allow fans (or would-be fans) to get bored or question the purchase you’ve made in buying a ticket.

  4. Glad you and Susan had a great time and Wisconsin treated you well! I saw you two on Saturday near the SJB food stand — actually I saw the Oil Pressure shirt before I recognized you — and I was going to introduce myself as one who has had the occasional interaction with you and Susan via Twitter and the blog, but you were in a heavy conversation and I had to move on. Next year!

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