The Trendy And The Traditional

By Susan Phillips

This year there is something for everyone available to purchase in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Gift Shops. From a paperweight that has dust from the original paver stones that made up the track to a commemorative 100th Running nose cone. I admit, I did see a few people shell out the $800 for the nose cone and they were hauling it around the garage area seeking all of the driver’s autographs. A perfect addition for your IMS-themed Man-cave.

01brick dust03banners

There are several new items added for women. One I had my eye on were the PUP bags where IMS teamed up with People for Urban Progress who repurpose materials such as banners that hung at IMS, the fabric from the former RCA Dome and old seatbelts and make several sizes of bags from them. I like the messenger bag in particular that sports the race flags. I also covet the polka-dotted sleeveless dri-fit blouse. George may not wear dri-fit, but I like it. As soon as I find something larger than a size that fits a stick figure, I may buy one. Apparently everyone else my size loves it as well. I also have to have the Tom’s look-alike shoes that are IMS-themed.

04PUP Bag

If it’s drinkware you are looking for, the IMS gift shop has you covered. They have all sizes from shot glasses to beer growlers. I may take home the commemorative 100th Running mug. I do like the design of them. The next thing IMS should look into is a custom bottle or tumbler from S’well or YETI with an IMS theme. They really, really keep drinks cold.


The bookshelf this year includes the new Dan Wheldon book, Lionheart, I have not had a chance to look inside, but it looks like a good coffee table book for Dan Wheldon fans. George has his eye on The Unser Legacy—I thought I had bought him most of the IndyCar books, but apparently not. Can you ever have enough books? IndyCar books seem to have missed the rage of all going to ePub books.

unnamed (1)

Also available at the track this year is the official scratch off game of the 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race. Each scratch off card costs $5 and the lottery officials say they are loaded with $100 prizes to commemorate the 100th running.

unnamed (2)

The IMS Gift Shop also has a large selection of USWAG socks, which is a company founded by Justin Wilson in early 2015. The proceeds from the Justin Wilson Tribute sock will be donated to the Dyslexia Institute of Indiana.

unnamed (3)

The selection of t-shirts, hats, and race wear is very diverse this year. It looks like there is something for every fan’s taste. Sorry—no cotton polos again this year. They may have gone the way of the dinosaur.

11model cars

This year IMS really has some great merchandise in the gift shops, so don’t forget to get something that commemorates the 100th Running.

4 Responses to “The Trendy And The Traditional”

  1. colum1357 Says:

    I like the bag made from banners and the Wilson socks. Dismayed at lack of cotton, I share George’s dislike of plastic shirts. Thanks, Susan for your report.

  2. Ron Ford Says:

    Thanks for the tour. You need those shoes!

  3. billytheskink Says:

    If you have a weakness for racing books, don’t visit the memorabilia show at IMS on Legend’s Day… The gift shops at the track do have a good amount of stuff to buy, though they did not have a Rahal shirt with a picture of his car on it.

    I too, was dismayed by the lack of cotton polo shirts. We need to find George a cotton polo with a picture of the classic track tenderloin stitched into it.

  4. Brian McKay Says:

    I hope that by now you are well again, Susan. Enjoy the race.

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