A Downer For The Month Of May

Just when you thought May was a time to celebrate, along comes an episode of One Take Only – the videoblog of Oilpressure.com. For those that only come around this site in May, One Take Only is the forgettable pairing of myself and my longtime friend and racing buddy, John McLallen.

For those that have not heard the story, I had known John professionally for years before I was in his office one day and saw a Mario Andretti helmet and a picture of an AJ Foyt Coyote on his wall. I asked him what that was about and he explained to me what the Indianapolis 500 was in very simple terms and that he has always been a fan. I told him I was a fan and he politely nodded just to humor me. After we both talked for a few minutes, we found out that each other really was and a friendship was formed.

Since that time we became co-workers, and now to John’s chagrin – I am his boss, yet we are still best friends. John served as my best man, when Susan and I wed at IMS in May 2012. Our politics are vastly different and we don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things, but our common bond of being lifelong fans of the Indianapolis 500 transcends everything else.

As far as One Take Only goes, we don’t plan anything. It is unscripted, unrehearsed and unedited. We just sit down, start taping and start talking. Whatever we get is what you see. The response on these covers a wide range. There is no middle ground. Some love these and keep asking for more. Others (including some close family members) say they are embarrassed for us.

I like to think it is like two guys just doing some bench-racing in a sports bar. Form your own opinions. In this episode, we do nothing but look ahead to the Month of May. Period.

If you like it, watch it. If not, come back tomorrow. I say that because tomorrow will be a special post – the annual trivia contest. But if you don’t like it, consider yourself warned – there will probably be yet another One Take Only sometime before the 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500.

George Phillips

13 Responses to “A Downer For The Month Of May”

  1. Well, it’s our first one so we’re starting to get ramped up….

  2. madtad1 Says:

    You guys are too funny and having too much fun! I’m voting for TK for the 500. Also, you forgot Charlie Browns for breakfast and touring the Dallara plant!

  3. Alan Stewart Says:

    I like these … I’m just glad you didn’t wear the pink IMS shirt.

  4. jhall14 Says:

    George, bring some of that sunshine with you when you come. We need it up here in Indy.

  5. These are always good.

  6. billytheskink Says:

    I… kinda wanted to hear John sing the 500 song.

  7. EDGAR Emmitt Says:

    This is the 1st year I have followed your posts.
    I enjoy the topics and the remaks to be quite civil.
    Thanks for the website. Edgar

  8. Mark Wick Says:

    As you were discussing the program, it occurred to me that the price is 25 cents per year. That seems a bit easier to take.

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