A Nightmare Before Christmas

You were warned before Thanksgiving that there might be another edition of One Take Only before Christmas. Unfortunately for some, John and I came through on our threat.

For the uninitiated, One Take Only is the videoblog of Oilpressure.com. It is always, unscripted, unrehearsed and uncut. What you see is what we got. The episodes feature yours truly, along with my longtime friend John McLallen. John grew up in Indianapolis and went to his first race in 1964 – one year before my first race. John and I were friends before we became co-workers almost six years ago. He also served as my best man, when Susan and I were married at IMS in 2012. He is one of the few people I know in Nashville who appreciates the hallowed ground at IMS as much as I do. Now, as fate would have it – I am John’s boss and I never fail to remind him of that fact.

Some equate these episodes as two old friends sitting in a bar talking racing. Others say it is torturous and a waste of time to listen to five seconds of these. You decide.

In this episode John and I discuss the latest team signings, Honda’s potential improvement for next season, the influx of young American drivers to the series and other topics. So pour some more eggnog, relax by the fire and watch or listen to us chat about all things IndyCar.

George Phillips

5 Responses to “A Nightmare Before Christmas”

  1. Brian in Florida Says:

    Watched during breakfast – not a torturous video
    Thanks for blogging.

  2. billytheskink Says:

    The last American to drive a Coyne car prior to Connor Daly was Geoff Boss in 2003, I believe.

    Always fun. Thanks George and John.

  3. DZ-groundedeffects Says:

    Nice job as usual guys! Thanks also for the surprise well wishes! Best wishes to you two and yours and I look forward to visiting Nashville again someday and be the lettuce to your bacon and tomato.

  4. I enjoy these. I think you guys should consider doing a short recap of each race. Or at least quarterly. Just a thought…..Merry Christmas gentlemen! : )

  5. Great job, guys, as usual! Merry Christmas to both of you, as well as to all your readers! I’m looking forward to another great season.

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