Let The Offseason Ramblings Begin!

While fans are already upset with the fact that the offseason is upon us, why not pile onto that misery by making another One Take Only video? For those unfamiliar, One Take Only is the unscripted, unrehearsed and unedited videoblog of Oilpressure.com. My good friend, John McLallen, is one of the few IndyCar fans I know in Nashville; so he joins me as we start the camera, then sit and talk racing for a few minutes.

Last time we did one of these; Paul Dalbey joined us, along with the loud cicadas you get on summer days in the south. This time, there were no cicadas. But we have our new puppy Maley (named for the Jones & Maley Special) and our other dog, Pippa (named for Pippa Mann). The two of them thought that while we were filming this, would be a good time to start violently playing and wrestling around in the leaves. You can hear them too clearly in the background. Things got so rough that I had to yell at Pippa in the middle of the video because she had the puppy pinned down and was dragging her by her collar…but I digress.

Throughout the general offseason ramblings in this edition, we discuss the IndyCar season that just ended and Scott Dixon’s championship. We also discussed some silly season possibilities. So, if you like these (and many do); sit back, watch and enjoy. If you don’t like these (and many don’t), come back for a regular post on Monday.

George Phillips

8 Responses to “Let The Offseason Ramblings Begin!”

  1. Easily more compelling viewing than wednesday night’s debate.

    My Badass Wilson shirt arrived today. I will wear that at Road America tuesday with a mix of sadness and good memories of JW. I can hardly wait to once again see and hear IndyCars screaming up that long uphill straightaway as well as hearing them going down through all the gears as they approach turn 5.

    • I wish I could be there. Can you take some pics? I hope a lot of fans show up, people that don’t have to work that is.

      • Yes, Ron. Please give us a full report next week. I would be there if I could and would wear my Wilson t-shirt too.

        • Yes, I promise. I will be taking photos with my non-digital, non-phone camera. The weather is projected to be perfect. There will be some awesome vintage race cars there this weekend and some vintage fans such as me.

          • I miss my film camera, but don’t tell. I like being able to see what I have just shot on my digital camera and phone, but miss the vividness of film.

  2. Dogs rustling in the background was hilarious. I can relate having a 3.5 year old and 1.5 year old boys and a 5 year old lab. I would not have a chance in hell getting through a 18 min video without an interruption.

    We can now prepare for the closed cockpit/canopy talk over the long offseason (There is a topic George). IMO there is no way it is going to happen anytime soon. The car will have to be completely redesigned from the ground up. Now that Derek Walker is gone it ain’t gonna happen. And, Walker being gone is a whole other disturbing topic, for me anyway. I think there is some pretty profound insight there considering his experience with indyCar. Thanks for the One Take Only.

  3. billytheskink Says:

    Miles is “threatening” us with a race in Mexico City. Haha

    I especially enjoyed that choice of words.

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