Welcome To Race Day At IMS!

Good morning from what is soon-to-be a sunbathed Indianapolis Motor Speedway! It is absolutely perfect weather as the sun was just peeking over the horizon as we arrived here at 6:40 am. The Pagoda was already bathed in sun as darkness started to disappear from the area on the ground.

There is already a flurry of activity even though we are still almost five hours from the drop of the green flag. Our route from our hotel was a breeze, but I’ve heard there are already backups on 16th Street east of the track. Susan is not wild about opur early arrivals each year, but she understands. it’s nice to be here and relax as we watch the throng enter. The next time we see this place this empty, the race will be history.


We are going to go get me my traditional early Race Morning “meat sandwich”, which is a ribeye steak sandwich with grilled peppers and onions. It’s not health food, but it is one of my many long-standing traditions here.

I will try to have another post up here before the race, but don’t hold it against me if I don’t. Our seats are across the track in Stand A. Last year, we got caught in a total mess as we came out of the tunnel and entered a mass of humanity that was not moving. At one point, I thought that we might miss the green flag. I’m not getting caught up in that again. So we may head over there much earlier. But I will try.

In the meantime, follow us both at @Oilpressureblog and @MrsOilpressure. Check back in a bit.

George Phillips

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