Welcome To Carb Day At IMS


Welcome to the zoo that is Carb Day at IMS. I will spare you the obligatory pictures of the freak show that we encountered. There were just too many to choose from. We were late leaving Nashville, therefore we were delayed arriving here (surely there’s a lesson there somewhere). By arriving at the track by 2:00, the whack jobs were well on their way to inebriation. I almost felt like a misfit walking through the crowd sober.

Carb day has never been my favorite day around here. I wish the IndyCar practice was later and longer. Even in my younger days, I was never an outdoor concert-goer. Now that I’m closer to sixty than I am to fifty, you can imagine my enthusiasm today. But even though this isn’t my thing, the crowd seems to be enjoying it. Why not? It’s a beautiful day, the temperature is 72-degrees and we are at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

And believe me, there is a crowd. This is, by far, the biggest crowd I’ve seen here all month. The stands inside the track behind the pits, are absolutely packed. I was shocked when we went out there.

The TAG Heuer Pit Stop Competition is currently going on. That’s another activity here that is not my favorite thing to watch. There is about ten seconds of action followed by ten minutes of down time. One nice moment though, was when the  Holmatro Safety Team was recognized. We were reminded of how great they are at their job this past week, when they performed their job flawlessly while saving the life of James Hinchcliffe. It’s good that they are finally getting some recognition. They deserve every bit of it.

From here, we’ll go to the Carb Night Burger Bash north of town at 96th Street Steakburgers. If you are in town and haven’t been, that’s a very enjoyable evening hosted by Curt Cavin and Kevin Lee of Trackside. It is free admission and you only pay for what you eat. There are racing memorabilia items auctioned off for charity and several drivers will be on hand to chat with fans.

Tomorrow is Legend’s Day here at The Speedway, honoring four-time winner Al Unser. I love Legend’s Day. It’s a more subdued crowd than today. One of my favorite things about it is the running of the vintage race cars on the track. It brings me back to fifty years ago when I was here for the first time and saw roadsters and Novi’s in the field.

We’ll start the day with my brother’s group at Charlie Brown’s Steak and Pancake house in Speedway for breakfast. then we’ll head to the track. In the afternoon, we’ll make our annual visit to the museum with my brother. If you think I’m a nut for the old cars, you ought to meet my brother. We generally have to drag him out after a few hours. Then the day will end at Dawson’s on Main in Speedway, before turning in early for the race.

I will have something up here mid-morning, after we get to the track. Then Susan will have a post up here later in the day with her unique perspective of the month.

This will be it for the day, but you can follow us on Twitter for photos from the Burger Bash tonight. Follow me at @Oilpressureblog or Susan at @MrsOilpressure.

George Phillips

One Response to “Welcome To Carb Day At IMS”

  1. Jim Peabody, Colorado Springs Says:

    George, by arriving late you missed a “surprise” in the vintage cars on track today. Dario Franchetti driving Jimmy Clark’s 1965, #82, winning Lotus Ford. At full “song”, solo on the track! Like you, my favorite. Sorry Buddy…….😢

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