Almost Time For The Green Flag

Despite the ominous weather forecast, the day has been nice. It has been partly cloudy, but sunglasses are needed. But the radar to the west still doesn’t look good. I will not be surprised if we see rain this afternoon.

One of the fun things about doing this blog has been all of the nice people I have met over the years. It always means a lot when people come up and say Hi, just because they’ve enjoyed this site. Today, I met a longtime reader and commenter on this site – Phil Kaiser. One thing he and I have in common is that AJ Foyt is our favorite driver of all-time. Phil knew this and brought me a present to the track today in case we met up. It is a brand-new, never opened AJ Foyt bobble-head from 1992. He had an extra lying around all these years and thought I would appreciate it. He was right! Thank you, Phil. This is going on the shelf in my office – right next to the Marmon Wasp.


The crowd has improved from this morning, but it is still not as good as last year – unless I’m just a horrible judge of such things. But there is still a little bit to go before the green flag.

I was finally able to find the old style tenderloin in Stand J. Susan was not excited to hoof it all the way down there in my quest to find a good tenderloin – but it made me happy.

Last week, the only concession stand open was the one behind the Pagoda that serves the “new style” tenderloin. I was reduced to giving it a second chance. My first ruling was correct. It was horrible! It was greasy, has a strange tasting breading and was as small as the bun. Fortunately, order has been restored to the universe because every other stand on the grounds will be selling the classic track tenderloin, except for the one in the Pagoda Plaza. Avoid that stand at all costs and celebrate the classic at all the other stands!


As I type, the skies have darkened and their is rain falling. That’s fine, because they can race in the rain. The problem is that I’m also hearing thunder. They will race in rain, but not in lightening and I don’t blame them. Don’t be surprised if there is a slight delay.

Anyway, the pre-race ceremonies are starting. But if it rains, we’re coming inside. My days of getting drenched at race tracks in the rain are well behind me. Check back after the race for a re-cap. Enjoy the race!

George Phillips

4 Responses to “Almost Time For The Green Flag”

  1. redcar Says:

    Okay. Everybody go four wide on the freeway as fast as you can go and then all of you–yes, all of you–turn into the driveway at exactly the same time. So lame. Just think how bad it could have been if they weren’t the greatest drivers in the world.

    And also. Put a starter in those dang cars. At least for road and street courses. There is no reason not too. If you need some room then rip out the stupid fuel knob.

    Maybe I’ll finish watching the race. Or maybe an informmerical.

  2. I cannot think of a dirtier driver in any form of motorsports than Helio Castroneves. If he isn’t jumping starts, restarts, or blocking, he is turning other racecars around. BB is back in charge so I wouldn’t dare expect a penalty. It is pretty easy to see why he has zero championships.

  3. Ron Ford Says:

    It is unlikely that HCN will be getting a Christmas card from the Dixons this year. The only consolation for Scott was that he had Emma to go home to. Just a really amateurish start. And yes, as Redcar has suggested above, put starters on those cars.

    The other Honda teams need to find out what Graham Rahal is drinking.

    • Ron Ford Says:

      And regarding the tenderloin: The breaded meat is excellent, but the bun continues to be pathetic.

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