Some Things Just Won’t Go Away

With the start of the 2015 IndyCar Series Season now upon us, I thought it would be a good idea to dust off One Take Only – the video blog of For the lucky ones that aren’t familiar with this segment, my longtime friend John McLallen and I sit for about fifteen minutes and talk IndyCar racing. Our approach is to be unscripted and unrehearsed. And the video is unedited. Whatever we get, we get – hence the name One Take Only.

Some have likened it to two old friends sitting and talking in a bar. Others have been less kind in their analogies. Then there are a few that have been adamant that these episodes should die a quick death and never be seen again. To those, I say – come back Wednesday.

In this episode, John and I discuss the new aero kits, the open test last week at Barber Motorsports Park and the upcoming season. And no, we have not purposely chosen a different background. For the first time ever, we got rained out from our usual location in the sun. We were driven onto my patio, which is fortunately covered.

Anyway, John and I are back for our fifth IndyCar season together. If you enjoy these, take a listen and a watch. If not, things will be back to normal here on Wednesday.

George Phillips

15 Responses to “Some Things Just Won’t Go Away”

  1. Herta (with Curb-Agajanian again this year) is the Honda team you missed to mention. They signed the current IndyLights Champion Gabby Chaves. It’s going to be interesting to see how he does in his rookie year.

    Also, the choice of location for the video is a great one because the background fits very well to the theme that it’s all about the brickyard.

  2. Is the season really about to start? Is it really happening?

  3. Phil Kaiser Says:

    Isn’t Foyt’s team Honda?

  4. Totally agree withn James Jakes comment, he will not put 1 fan in a seat, but it is what it is. Really hope Conor Daly gets a ride, and not just Indy. His expertise is streets and road courses. Hopefully he gets to show his talent soon.

  5. I think a lot of the teams weren’t worried about speed during the aero kit testing so much as handling and performance. Specifically, I can see a lab coated engineer saying: “if I move winglet #213 0.03 degrees and shift winglet #198 -0.0458 degrees, how does it handle now? Go take three laps to get me some data.”

    With so little time and so many potential adjustments available, I can fully believe that no one was sandbagging, per se, so much as figuring what was the sweet spot for each particular driver. Bear in mind there are many drivers who prefer to concentrate on race setups, not qualifying or speed. TK leaps immediately to mind.

    Also, I saw reports that some teams rolled out with things dialed in really well, while others were wayyyyyy off and essentially had to go back to the drawing board. With such a limited amount of testing time, again, you are going to look for your handling issues first.

    Finally, the one thing you missed in your “broadcast” was guessing how big the “festival of carbon fibre” was going to be in turn one at St. Pete! I predict five cars and it won’t be instigated by a rookie, *cough* Marco *cough* 😎

  6. Ron Ford Says:

    Is Tennessee a dry state? I would like to suggest that you could improve your production values significantly by putting some beer on that table. Allow me to suggest the following from the California based Bear Republic Brewing Co: Racer 5, Grand-Am, Red Rocket, and my personal favorite Hop Rod Rye. Just sayin’

    Those ABC announcers could stand to loosen up with a few also.

  7. SOCSeven Says:

    George, I really do want to thank you for coming up with 3 topics every week for ……………….. 7 or 8 months or whatever it was while Miles decided we didn’t want to see Indycar. You kept the flame lit and burning brightly through the doldrums and kept my interest piqued.

    Thanks again. Many, many thanks!

    BTW, if you guys sat up straight you wouldn’t have heads

    • Thanks for the kind words. As for the lack of heads…I couldn’t figure out where to place the camera with the different area. Another example why change is bad!

  8. DZ-groundedeffects Says:

    Agree with the brick background! Maybe hang a nice IMS flag on it? Noticed the sound seemed better in that space as well.

    I like this feature, thanks again for the quick mention during the intro. John, I forget. Did I agree to pay you everytime you mention my blog? If so I’m sorry I forgot, I’ll get that check for $1.75 to you before May if not sooner.

    Regarding predictions: As always I make some on my site (post coming tomorrow). One I’ll leave you to consider here is this:
    Which of these options will have more wins this year?
    1. Team Penske
    2. All Honda Teams put together
    3. Tennesee Titans

    I’m predicting Option 1.

  9. Agree on the CFH Racing front row prediction. Newgy has started in the top ten 2 of his 3 500 attempts and we all know how good Carpenter is. Now if they add JR Hildebrand too they may be able to go for the full row!

  10. I keep expecting you guys to take calls on a speaker phone.

  11. No complaints here. I really enjoy listening to you and John talk. Sometimes I even joined in the conversation. You must have heard too because then you remembered Foyt was a Honda team. Keep up the great work. Not all of us have friends nearby that share their passion for all things IndyCar so it’s great to listen (and read) to someone who does.

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