How To Tarnish Christmas

You can tell we are deep into the offseason, when you are actually watching a Christmas episode of One Take Only – the uncut, unedited and unrehearsed videoblog of If you had any yuletide spirit, it’ll probably be gone after watching. By popular demand, this time, John and I are joined by my lovely wife Susan (and our dog Pippa). Hopefully, the fact that Susan allowed herself to be coaxed into making an appearance won’t damage her credibility among her readers.

Don’t be fooled by the goofy hats or Pippa’s undignified Christmas garb. We actually do get into some racing topics including aerokits, a potential race at Nashville Superspeedway and next year’s schedule.

Part of the deal is to have no script or even an outline before we start. We just start the camera and start talking. On this episode, that approach was pretty apparent. Many people like these things, but I’ve heard from a few who despise them. If you don’t care to watch, come by Wednesday for the final post for 2014. For those that take the trouble, hopefully it’ll be fourteen minutes well spent.

George & Susan Phillips; and John McLallen

5 Responses to “How To Tarnish Christmas”

  1. 5 months seems like a long way off.

  2. The Lapper Says:

    Merry Christmas guys and gal!

  3. Simon Garfunkle Says:

    Good to finally see Susan on here. Happy Holidays to the three of you.

  4. billytheskink Says:

    Always fun, for me at least. You all have a merry Christmas!

  5. Phil Kaiser Says:

    Always a joy to see these George! Merry Christmas and a very New Year to you and yours from the Kaisers in Indianapolis!

    Ho Ho Ho!

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