It’s Almost Race Time

We went to the Tweet-Up in the Pagoda Plaza to meet a lot of old and new friends. I’m telling you – this place is packed. This crowd seems a lot bigger than last year’s pre-race crowd. I don’t know if it’s the good weather or what. But that will look good on ABC if  practically every seat is filled for the over-head camera shots.

They are now gridding the cars, so we are going to head out there and eventually to our seats. The time we wait for all year long is finally here. Here’s hoping for a safe and fast race to provide many more memories for years to come. Check back here afterwards for a post-race wrap-up. I probably can’t tweet during the race. I’ve already had trouble getting out while out in the crowd. There are simply too many people here and the cellular system is overwhelmed.

Enjoy the race!

George Phillips

3 Responses to “It’s Almost Race Time”

  1. A most excellent race! Whew! How about RHR?! Lots of thoughts about this one, too. I’m sorry about Ed and Hinch, but Ed wasn’t going to beat RHR or Castroneves. Is it me or do you think Castoneves was acting like a drama queen in the pits after the race. What a huge crowd! I thought that the Saturday crowd was larger than it has been. Also, I love the new food service, Levy’s. A very delicious tenderloin sandwich and I had one each day!

    • Drama queen? Come on. John. No offense, but that is really a cheap shot. The guy came within .06 seconds of becoming only the fourth guy to win the Indy 500 four times, he was obviously heart-broken, so he spent a few moments in contemplation, and you call him a drama queen? After his few moments of quiet time, he was a true gentleman and congratulated the winner with a big smile on his face.

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