Oilpressure Needs A New Oil Pump

The best of us get taken down from time to time. I rarely get sick, but when I do – I’m not just pitiful with sniffles. I get thrown for a loop. Today is the first sick day I have taken from work since 2006, as I’ve been stricken with a severe case of strep. Chills and fever do not create the best recipe for writing. Assuming I bounce back like I always do, I will return on Friday. Now if you’ll forgive me, I’m going to roll back over and feel sorry for myself.

George Phillips

13 Responses to “Oilpressure Needs A New Oil Pump”

  1. Ouch – get well soon George.

  2. Bent Wickerbill Says:

    Oh man… Hang tough George, hope you are through with illin’ soon…

  3. That better not be catching. Crap, I think I’m already getting the sniffles. So much for a totally seamless move to The Land of Meat & 3.

    Seriously, though, George, get well soon.

  4. Get feeling better, George. I well remember my last case of strep – Thanksgiving 2003. I don’t think I’ve EVER felt that bad.

    I hear a penicillin shot in the rump will do wonders for it.

  5. Donald McElvain Says:

    Get well soon. I’m a horrible patient for my wife!

  6. You probably just need some winter weight oil.

  7. Mike Silver Says:

    What- no poll? Seriously, get well soon, George.

  8. Brian in Florida Says:

    Be well soon, George!

  9. All the best in your recovery, George.

  10. Get well soon, George. We’re all eagerly awaiting your reaction to the new car in speedway trim pictures. A healthy George would certainly have an opinion about its “aesthetics”.

  11. They had a lot of that going around in New Orleans and the beaches on 30A last week. Get well George and I hope that JohnMc didn’t catch it!!

  12. Thanks Lapper, I’m fine and it is too pretty in middle Tennessee to be feeling poorly. If you get a chance come on up.

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