“One Take Only” Looks At Team Penske

It’s been a month since the last time John and I sat on my back porch and talked racing. Life, Labor Day and John’s wife’s birthday sort of shoved One Take Only to the back-burner. Believe it or not, we’ve actually received e-mails asking when we were going to do another (I was shocked!).

Well, ask and ye shall receive – or more accurately; you’d better watch what you ask for – you just might get it. Anyway, John and I return to discuss the tough decisions that may be facing Roger Penske at the end of the season. Don’t forget, earlier editions are archived on the One Take Only page listed in the right-hand margin – in case you want to lose a few minutes of your life you’ll never get back. As always, thanks for watching and reading Oilpressure.com.

George Phillips

4 Responses to ““One Take Only” Looks At Team Penske”

  1. Excellent guys and I am now thinking about Penske non-stop. This will be interesting!

  2. Maybe a big sponsor — or two — will step up to sponsor Ryan or Helio or another racer in the new-style Dallara cars.

    Will jumping off cars isn’t unmanly, but I’d hate to see him injure a foot when landing in those driving shoes.

    Ryan Briscoe is a likeable racer, but he’s not a ‘star,’ a fan magnet or sponsor magnet. And he and Helio don’t win championships …

    What’s the likelihood that Helio wins another Indy 500?
    What’s the likelihood that Helio wins a championship?

    How about James Hinchcliffe racing with sponsorship from Sprott and another sponsor whom Team Penske finds? An inexpensive star on the rise.
    Every driver (‘cept Wheldon) will be coming to grips with the new chassis at the same time…

    I like your background, and the crickets or whatever aren’t bothersome, but in every episode you sound like you’re in a chamber. I don’t know what walls or hard objects are near your microphone…

  3. The Speedgeek hears you and The Speedgeek is in. Name the time and place (uh, although that would be George’s back porch, I imagine). Er, unless it’s this weekend. In which case, The Speedgeek is out. He will be scrambling back to town after a quick excursion to pick up The Speeddog, and trying to avoid the internet and all forms of media so’s he can watch Kentucky on the DVR unspoiled.

    OK, so to sum up, The Speedgeek is at your service. And Penske should let Helio go. So says The Speedgeek. [/Ricky Henderson mode]

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