“One Take Only” Returns For A Second Round

Amidst the overwhelming cicadas, overhead jets and thoughtless neighbors setting off their car alarms, John and I were able to maintain a fairly decent conversation. Our discussion focused on (what else?) the New Hampshire race and Wednesday’s ruling that upheld the victory by Ryan Hunter-Reay.

We did a better job of staying on topic (for the most part). We got a slightly closer to the 10-12 minute goal this time, but we still need to work on our brevity. The only real negative was all of the outdoor background noise. We initially tried to do it in my living room, but the lighting was just too poor. We decided it was better to battle the bugs than to look as if we were sitting in the dark, so we took it outside. John has assured me that we will be able to tape at his house next time. We’ll see.

George Phillips

7 Responses to ““One Take Only” Returns For A Second Round”

  1. Ben Twickerbill Says:

    The fastest race car drivers in the world (well some of them are) under the direction of the Ringling Brothers of race controls and rule books…

  2. I was hoping you boys would eventually start playing with the cars, making zoom zoom noises, as you crawled around the deck on all fours…very disappointing.

    Basic starter model cloud lights can be had for about $80 a piece. Set one up to either side of the camera and you will be good to go once the weather turns south. But enjoy the Cicaeda’s while you still can!

  3. billytheskink Says:

    Liked John’s shirt better last time…

  4. Good job. You can’t help the cicadas. But they won’t be there every month, every year.
    T-shirt suggestion for you: “advertise here.”

  5. Simon Garfunkel Says:

    You both seem to have a pretty good chemistry. Shorten it up, get rid of the bugs and the jets, and you might have something.

  6. Jack in NC Says:

    Those aren’t Cicadas. They’re Katydids.

    Much better this time, George and John. Keep going with it and work the bugs out (no pun intended).

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