Photos From The Indianapolis 500

Normally, I have trouble turning loose of the Month of May. I have always found the first week in June to be one of the most depressing times of the year. This year is more so than usual. I can’t even bring myself to pull my IMS parking sticker off of my windshield. The two weekends that we spent at IMS were unbelievable, and were topped off by one of the best races I’ve witnessed. Having a two-week break hasn’t helped. So, I thought I would devote one more post to this year’s Indianapolis 500, before we turn the page to Texas.

There’s not a whole lot more to say that hasn’t been said, so I thought I’d devote this site to mostly pictures, without captions. I think they pretty much speak for themselves. The first two might need some explaining – the first is a picture of myself and my childhood friend Bruce Yarbro, who helped talk me into starting this site. Bruce and I were also college roommates. The first picture, I posted a couple of weeks ago. It was from our college days in 1979. The one directly below it ,was taken Saturday at the museum.

I will be taking a little time off from this site to catch my breath and re-charge my batteries. After today (Friday), there will be no post on Monday or Wednesday – unless there is something earth-shattering in the IndyCar world. I plan to return next Friday June 10 with a look at the upcoming Texas race. Thanks to everyone who came to during the month of May.

George Phillips

Bruce-Geo 1979













7 Responses to “Photos From The Indianapolis 500”

  1. Foyt needs to go on the Biggest Loser !

  2. carburetor Says:

    Great photos George; thanks for sharing!

  3. George,
    Thanks for all the effort you put into sharing your month of May with the rest of us. For folks like myself who couldn’t make it down to Indy, I enjoyed living vicariously through your posts.

    Here’s one last look at the 2011 Indianapolis 500 Mile Race. A nice little retrospective that gives me goosebumps:

  4. Thanks for getting a shot of the 41, I never got to see it and wanted to, I do like to see how the teams make the sponsors work into a different scheme.

  5. Great stuff, George. Great meeting up with you, Susan, JohnMc, and the rest of the Oilpressure crew at the track on Saturday. We will definitely have to do that again next year, and spend a bit more time catching up and chatting (maybe the line for the museum won’t be down to the parking lot then).

    Can’t wait for May 2012!

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