There’s An App For That

I don’t consider myself to be much of a computer geek. Sure, I can get around the internet. I have also become fairly proficient at MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint in order to do my job. I’m on Twitter fairly often (@Oilpressureblog), but I don’t even have a Facebook account. By and large, however, I can hold my own with a computer – especially compared to some my own age, or even a few years younger.

One of my favorite computer-related gadgets is my i-Phone. I thought the i-Pod was the greatest invention of the last decade, until I got my i-Phone. I know I don’t come close to taking full advantage of all of its capabilities, but even the simpler parts about it still amaze an old fogy like me.

Roy Hobbson used to list things he was fervently opposed to, on the sidebar of The Silent Pagoda. For a while, one of them was people that brag about their i-Phone apps. Well, I hope Mr. Hobbson chose to skip this site today because that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Last week, I took part in “Blogger Night” on Trackside with Cavin & Kevin. I was traveling for Thanksgiving and didn’t have the luxury of hearing any of the show. Consequently, I didn’t know that we were to come prepared with a topic that we wanted to tackle. When I listened to the podcast, I sounded like an unprepared dolt. Had I been able to hear the entire show prior to my part, I would have come up with something to make myself sound a little more intelligent.

As they brought me into the broadcast, I heard Curt and Kevin talking about the new 1070 The Fan i-Phone app. After hearing myself stumble while trying to come up with a topic on the fly, it occurred to me that if there had been some way to pick up the broadcast in the car – I could have avoided my embarrassment. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I decided to download the app for free and give it a try.

What I got far exceeded my expectations. I expected to be able to pick up a few words or phrases that would be interspersed with several long pauses, while the phone was trying to re-connect to the site. Silly me.

Instead, this turned out to be the greatest thing ever. It’s as if I’m driving around Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis. There are no gaps, no breaks or long pauses for buffering. It’s just a constant stream of the same quality audio that you would expect from any AM station.

Living in the Central time zone, I sometimes miss the first of Cavin & Kevin because I’m not always home from work by 6:00. Now, no matter how bad the traffic is – all I have to do is plug the i-Phone into the dash, touch the icon for the app and there they are.

When I’ll really come to appreciate this is next May. That’s when Donald Davidson will start his month-long feature, The Talk of Gasoline Alley. That show starts at 5:00 my time and I have always had to rely on the podcast. Now I’ll be able to listen live to every word – either in my office or in the car.

Those that are lucky enough to live in Indianapolis, don’t realize how detached the rest of us feel during the month of May. The internet helps and the podcasts are a big bonus over the way we used to get our Indy news twenty years ago; when I had to subscribe to The Indianapolis Star during the month and wait for a three or four day old paper to reach my mailbox.

Those that are in their twenties are probably wondering why this old man is so enamored with an app like this. Yes, there are many other apps that do a lot more than deliver live audio streaming to your phone. But to an IndyCar fan that is starving for information in May, having the news delivered straight to my car speakers via my phone is like magic to me.

So if you’re old like me and have an i-Phone and feel like you’re not using it as it should be, do yourself a favor and go to the Apps Store and do a search for 1070TheFan. Download it for free and listen to the same live broadcast of IndyCar programming that those living in Indianapolis are listening to. It’ll put you that much closer to Indianapolis next May.

George Phillips

8 Responses to “There’s An App For That”

  1. The Lapper Says:

    I can’t vote because you haven’t listed listening on a private jet airplane. In my travels I do enjoy listening to Curt and I also enjoy being in touch with the many. Stay strong my friend.

    The Lapper
    Time is on my side

  2. Mike Silver Says:

    I didn’t think you sounded unprpeared on the show. There was another blogger who really sounded clueless as to what was happening, but Ienjoyed your segnment.

  3. Thank you for the post on our app and for your part in Blogger night on the show!

  4. I voted for “couldn’t care less” because I don’t have an i-anything, nor any equivalent for an iphone or pad, etc. I’m still using a Palm Pilot III, and mainly to play Sudoku when I’m stuck waiting somewhere.

    You were fine on blogger night. I didn’t get the impression that most of the others had a Topic going in, either.

    • Brian McKay Says:

      George, you’ve probably heard that a public speaker feels that (s)he is coming across poorly although audience don’t perceive that. When speaking publicly, our self-perceptions are colored by what we’re feeling (tiredness, nervousness, unpreparedness, boredom, …). And the audiences have NO IDEA unless in the front row or knowing you personally and knowing your demeanor & manner very well…

  5. I love the app! I downloaded just for the Trackside program. Not always near my computer for streaming and this streams off the phone and into the car…kinda makes me feel like I am back in Indy! Thank god for technology!

  6. “I don’t consider myself to be much of a computer geek.”

    Certainly you will never be if you insist on writing iPod and iPhone with a hyphen! 🙂

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