A Disappointing Sunday

As you know, there was no race yesterday and my Tennessee Vols lost by one, in their bid for their first Final Four ever – so it wasn’t a good day. Therefore, all of my allegiance shifts to the Butler Bulldogs – not just because they are located in Indianapolis, but because they play sound, fundamental basketball. I will also avoid the already tiresome comparison to Hoosiers.

Anyway, unlike my tirade two weeks ago – I think the Izod IndyCar Series was completely justified in postponing the Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. Brian Barnhart made the right call. Had they tried to run in the monsoon that hit Florida’s west coast, it would have been a joke – if not a disaster. Rain tires can only help so much. The “sport” would have been taken out of the event and it would have strictly been luck of the draw as to who would have won the race.

Unfortunately, this negates one of the positives of having some races run on ABC/ESPN – although I’m not sure how many casual fans would’ve passed on the Elite Eight to watch an IndyCar race. Even I had set the DVR to catch the first part of the race while I watched the Tennessee – Michigan State game live. I was going to catch up to the action, but I had already gotten word that the race was postponed.

Now the race will be run on ESPN2 this morning at 10:00 EDT. I share the problem with most in that I will be working and will miss the race. It will be an exercise in discipline as I will avoid the internet and personal e-mails all day, so that I can get home tonight and watch the recording.

I’ll have a post on Tuesday morning with a race re-cap, but no guarantees for Wednesday. We’ll see.

Go Bulldogs!

George Phillips

5 Responses to “A Disappointing Sunday”

  1. tim nothhelfer Says:

    I think you have made the right call on postponing your recap…..but Wednesday is in serious jeopardy!

  2. imjustsayinisall Says:

    This morning at 10am may still be questionable….

  3. I vote no on a technicality. The call to start the race at 3:45pm was a mistake without the rain. There is no use having an ABC race when you schedule the start against NASCAR, PGA final rounds and the elite 8. There is also no excuse for scheduling so late in the day, the prime time for thunderstorms in Fla, and leaving no chance to get the race in for the fans who came that day.

    They ran 3 support races at a time when there was less tv competiton and got them all in. This race should have started at noon.

  4. Mike Silver Says:

    Thanks for supporting my BUlldogs!

  5. With out a doubt the right call was made…. it was an INDYCAR race & not a HYDROPLANE race ❗ ❗ 🙂

    The delay allowed me too sweat it out watching SPARTY advance to yet another Final Four. Now they get to play a college with a strong looking team & a logo lifted from the once popular RED DOG beer 🙂 🙂 🙂

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