The IndyCar Blogger’s Christmas Carol


With apologies to Clement C. Moore…
“Twas two days before Christmas
And I am writing this blog
In between wrapping gifts
And large gulps of Egg Nog.

The stockings were hung
By the pit wall with cheer
In hopes the new IndyCar season
Soon would be here.

The bloggers were nestled
All snug in their chairs
Working feverishly on their next posts
With glassy-eyed stares.

First, there’s Bill out in Iowa
Wishing to spread holiday cheer
It’s five o’clock somewhere
The Pressdog wants beer.

While out in Arizona
Where they’re shopping for Gucci
There’s a blogger named “IRL”
His real name’s Iannucci.

On to Omaha in a flash
At the new parent, we’ll peek
Why, it’s Andy writing his blog (for once)
He’s known as “The SpeedGeek”.

With the best named blog
That’s out there, hands down
It’s James with another update
At “16th and Georgetown”.

And then there are those guys
With the site that looks swell
It’s Kohl & The Gang
At “Planet-IRL”.

Also in Indy
There’s a site up to par
It’s written by John
And it’s called "JP’s IndyCar".

Then there’s the blogger
To tell what weather we’ll get
It’s by the meteorologist, Will
At “Is It May Yet?”.

On Pressdog, On JP and Jeff
And all the friends of Kohl
On James, Andy and Will
And everyone on the Blogroll.

There’s one name that’s missing
If you’ve paid attention one iota
It’s that hooligan that writes
For “The Silent Pagoda”.

He and I once made a wager
The other’s blog, the winner would get
But it’s really hard to believe
That Roy Hobbson won that bet.

He worked all Monday long
Trying to trash my Oilpressure site
But I got all the new readers
Without having to write Sunday night.

But it’s been a great year
Taking up one of the latest trends
I’ve learned how to blog
And made some new friends.

So you’ll hear me exclaim
As I race out of sight
Bring on the new season
Thank you and good night.

* – Please note. There will be no post on Friday, Christmas Day. From my family to yours, I hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable Christmas. I will return here on Monday Dec 28.

Merry Christmas!
George Phillips

9 Responses to “The IndyCar Blogger’s Christmas Carol”

  1. Fantastic, George! Enjoy your holiday!!

  2. Thanks again George. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and all your family.

  3. Merry Christmas George. And remember…every time you hear a bell, another female driver takes an ARCA test run.

  4. Very, very nice, George. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  5. Hooligan??? Would a hooligan have the wherewithal to put a weight bench out in this site’s front yard like I did? No. Absolutely not. I classed up this joint like no hooligan ever could.

    Merry Christmas, George.

  6. My site looks swell! Woot! Thanks George, here’s to another great year.

    Merry Chrismahanukwanzaa to you and all of our fellow butcherers of the wurdz.

  7. In Snowy West Michigan,
    Who Covers Three Series,
    Dylan juggles many differant types of fans,
    And tries to aviod hate mail!

  8. That’s my edition!

  9. Great version of a holiday classic, George. Here’s to an even better 2010!

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