Taking Back Control Of A Mess

Well, that was certainly interesting. After being coxed into a silly bet by Roy Hobbson of The Silent Pagoda, I had to pay up by essentially handing him control of Oilpressure.com for a day. For eight months, I like to think that I built up some credibility while I brought some civility to the blogosphere. Like Emerson Fittipaldi when he refused to drink the milk – it all went away in an instant. In a matter of moments, Oilpressure.com devolved into the lowest common denominator on the web.

Well, consider the debt paid. I feel as if the entire site needs to be purged and cleansed after the diabolical Mr. Hobbson has polluted it with his off-the-wall perspective. After he has corrupted every facet of this site, It will take me most of the day to re-tool everything to get things back in working order so that I can get things back to normal by Wednesday.

Watching Roy have his way with my site was akin to watching a street person flirt with my girlfriend. You know they’ll never succeed, but you still feel threatened. It is good to know that the nightmare is over and that Mr. Hobbson will be returning to his haven of mediocrity where he belongs.

In all seriousness, it was a fun day to sit back and watch it all happen. Hopefully, we both picked up some new readers that didn’t know one of our sites existed. As I said yesterday, you will be hard-pressed to find two IndyCar blog sites that are less alike than Oilpressure.com and The Silent Pagoda. But over the last few months, I think we both gained a mutual respect for each other’s blog sites. I admire his totally offbeat humor and he admires my…well, I don’t really know what he admires. It was fun, but I think we both need to go back and do what we do best.

I appreciate the patience of those that came here Monday expecting a normal article and were taken aback by what was here instead. I promise that things will be back to normal on Wednesday. And to those that came here for the first time, check in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for what I hope you will find is a fairly in-depth look at all things IndyCar.

George Phillips

10 Responses to “Taking Back Control Of A Mess”

  1. George,

    Just a quick note to let you know that I realized how nice it is having several funny blogs with which to laugh about IndyCar (and let’s face it… too often humor is all we have) but also having a blog from which to get solid historical information and with which to engage in civil, yet bluntly honest, discourse regarding the happenings of the day. Keep up the good work.

    PS: I am giving a persuasive speech in five hours about how IndyCar can be used as a vehicle for positive technological change in the automotive industry. On the one hand, I realized how sad it is that I actually have to persuade people of this but, on the other hand, it means the sport has a clean slate to build upon. No where to go but up!

    Sorry for the long post and best regards,


  2. That was fun and Interesting. Maybe you bloggers could cross publish more often. Mix it up in the off season and bring new “talent” to our attention. I see no “down-side” (for us). Gives us a different perspective on the blogger we follow and some new “writters”. I found it so entertaining that I would be shocked if other bloggers did not try out the word butcher swap. Good work to both of you. I’m going to email Bob Jenkens and Wolf Blitzer to see if they will switch.

  3. Welcome back, George. Here’s hoping you can still get a regular post or two in this week, what with having to restock your Windex and Drano supplies. Hobbson can really go through that stuff…

  4. timnothhelfer Says:

    Reading yesterdays posting was like showing up at a small gathering and finding everyone else has taken acid….how wierd, and entertaining.

  5. I psychologist would tell you that betting on the Titans means that you Wanted to lose the bet. I think you just wanted a day off. 😉

    Next time, how about betting with Lindy T? Especially if you can get her to talk about stuff that doesn’t make it on the VS telecast.

    • oilpressure Says:

      Well let’s see…I didn’t want the Titans to lose, but I got the day off and my site got a ton of more hits than it already does. Plus, I got to sit back and watch Hobbson work his tail off. You’ll notice that no one has heard a peep out of him all day. I think he’s exhausted.

      All in all…it was a fun way to “lose” a bet.

  6. It was fun. I’d still like to see what you’d do with Silent Pagoda though.

  7. I see George walking through the wreckage, pausing to pick up a charred old photo. Shaking his head, he drops the photo and moves on, aimlessly wandering around.

  8. Welcome back!
    I’m looking forward to reading about Ray Harroun’s fraudulent ‘win’ of the first Indy 500, Cristiano daMatta’s snapped halfshaft in Vancouver 2002, what makes Scott Goodyear and Bob Jenkins so hyperactive, the difference in the coefficients of grip in the pavements at Road America & Mid-Ohio, why E.J. Viso doesn’t wear his corrective lenses when racing, and which size Gurney Flap was more effective and why on big speedways in 1995.

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