An Evening With IndyCar Bloggers

For two hours last night, the IndyCar bloggers ruled the airwaves. Well, that may be taking it a little far, but for twelve of us that asked (read: begged) to be on Curt Cavin & Kevin Lee’s radio show on 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis, we commanded a little space on the Indianapolis airwaves as well as a few bits of bandwidth on the web.

It was a unique experience to take an active part of a show that I have followed diligently for the past two years. But the most intriguing thing about the evening for me was to hear the actual voices of those whose sites I had been reading for so long. When you read someone’s writings over a period of time, you get a pretty strong idea about what they sound like in person. Sometimes you’ve hit it pretty close and other times you’re way off of the mark. Such was the case last night.

Those that I did a pretty good job of forming an audio image of (is that a term?) were Will at “Is It May Yet”, Kohl from “Planet-IRL”, Monica from “The Race Girl” and James of 16th and Georgetown. I had already heard Chris of “Indy Racing Revolution” and Bill from “Pressdog”; so there was no real surprise there.

Although I tried to give a warning; apparently based on the comments on Twitter, there were some that were startled with my southern accent. It’s OK…I’m proud of it. When my generation is gone, I’m afraid our accents will have become so homogenized that a southern accent will no longer exist. Enjoy it while you can.

The evening was missing a few well-known names. Jeff at “My Name Is IRL” chose to sit out the evening so that he could sit back and “…hear the dulcet tones” of his blogging colleagues. That was a worthy offer but I would have liked to hear from him even though he was on last year’s show. One of the most under rated bloggers out there is Andy, the “Speedgeek”. When he decides to write, he does an excellent job. Trouble is, he writes about once a decade. Another omission of the evening was Roy Hobbson of “The Silent Pagoda”. There are a lot of hilarious IndyCar blogs out there, but Roy’s sense of humor is borderline genius.

It was a very enjoyable evening – once my part was over with. When I heard my name going into the commercial break, I was suddenly overcome with tremors, nausea and dry-mouth as I suddenly remembered why I never went into broadcasting. When you type something stupid, the backspace key comes in very handy. When something idiotic leaves your mouth on live radio – it’s out there for the world to hear. Based on a few comments I saw on Twitter, I don’t think I was the only one that experienced those symptoms.

I’ll admit I was taken aback a little bit at the first of the show. I was prepared just to talk about where I live and what my blog is like. When I heard that we all had to bring a topic to the party, I was scrambling. I decided to just go off on the rant that I am most passionate about – more chassis and engine manufacturers with more innovation. That formula adds up to better competition

You’ve got to hand it to Curt and Kevin. Think about it…they turned their entire show over to a bunch of amateurs. They didn’t know if some of us might freeze up and cause an embarrassingly awkward moment or else seize the moment to trumpet their own bizarre cause. Instead, everyone handled the pressure well (although I’ve already been told by my girlfriend that she could hear my voice shaking) and all were on their best behavior. It’s a good thing that they do with blogger night. It strengthens the bond in the IndyCar community and gives each of us a platform to tout what is unique about our sites. When I first started doing this, I figured that all the other sites were competition. Jeff at “My Name Is IRL” set me straight early on that we were all in this together. I found out soon after that how right he was.

Looking at other sports blogs out there, I don’t get the same sense of camaraderie from them that exists among the IndyCar Bloggers. The two that helped me the most when I first started were Pressdog and Jeff. I’m still astounded at how helpful they were getting this site going. That’s why I’ve tried to be helpful when bloggers even newer than myself e-mail me, but I’ll admit that my help hasn’t been as effective as what I received from Jeff and Bill.

In case you missed the show, you may download it here. I’ll finish this piece of mush by thanking Curt and Kevin for allowing us our five to ten minutes of fame. They are both good ambassadors for our sport.

George Phillips

14 Responses to “An Evening With IndyCar Bloggers”

  1. I’ve never heard any of these people speak, but here are the voices I hear when I read them. Is It May Yet–Greg Kinnear. Race Girl–Lisa Kudrow. 16th and Georgetown–John Mellencamp. Daily Racing Revolution–Seth Meyers. Pressdog–Jay Leno. Roy Hobbson–Barry Corbin (from Northern Exposure tv show) and Oilpressure–Dan Rather.

  2. Brian McKay Says:

    You stayed up late to post this entry — or arose very early! ( “This entry was posted on November 13, 2009 at 4:04 am)

  3. A proudly raised fist of solidarity to the IndyCar bloggoratti, who ALL performed admirably. Well done, everyone. And well said, George.

    (And, redd — Maurice Minnifield was the Alaskan Bear Grylls, and far more badass than am I. Sadly, my voice sounds like Anthony Michael Hall in “16 Candles.”)

  4. I thought you sounded very composed and spoke with purpose. Unfortunately, after you woo’ed all the ladies with you smooth, southern drawl, I had to follow up with perhaps the world’s most annoying voice! 🙂

    It’s a pleasure sharing the IndyCar Blogosphere with you!!

  5. sorry roy. thanks for the correction.

  6. Fantastic job George, I totally agreed with everything you said about engineering in the future.

    Izod Indy will be different. Just read this today.By Dave Lewandowski –
    Friday, November 13, 2009
    Printer-Friendly Version

    Whether driving on four wheels or two, Ed Carpenter advocates a safety-first approach. So the Vision Racing driver was a natural to be the host.
    The recently-launched program is designed to help prevent and reduce injuries and deaths associated with riding on various wheels and promoting safety courses for communities.

    About time Indy!

  7. George, you are far too kind to put me in the same shout-out paragraph up there with Jeff (that’s high praise by association) and Hobbson (who having my name that close to his…I feel drunker already). I figured I’d take the year off from blogger night, having gotten in on last year’s show and having basically said my piece on their write-in show a couple of weeks ago.

    That’s a fine, fine job by you on last night’s show. I know whereof you speak when you mention the cotton mouth and verbal shakiness. Personally, I responded to my 4 minutes of fame last year with a barrage of “uh”s delivered in my signature Kimi Raikkonen-esque monotone. I assure you, you did far better than I did, and made your points well and concisely. Nice work.

  8. George: I just listened to the 1070 podcast off of iTunes. Cool that you were on representing OILPRESSURE ❗

    The only thing I will slightly disagree with you on is the CART GoodYear / Firestone “tire war” had SOME effects on the racing. Remember all the marbles from the ULTRA SOFT race tires effecting races on ALL of the tracks ❓ One groove ovals & hard to make passes late in the road & street course races. 💡 It didn’t kill anyone… but it was one reason why we agree tire wars are a bad deal 🙂

  9. Mike Silver Says:

    Just listened to the Trackside podcast. You were great! I totally agree with your thoughts. The one thing I like about F1 is that they are the only series left with any diversity.

  10. It is scarier than scary that the cars are soooo equal!

  11. imjustsayingisall Says:

    Hello George, I think that the espirit de corps generally shown on the majority of IRL related blog-sites is a result of the genuine love of the sport by most and the desire to see open wheel competition in the USA not only survive, but to flourish. It is clear that the Cavin-Lee connection, via WFAN is not only also interested in the same outcome, but are willing to listen to and spread the word of all reasonable comers. In a near country wide, (dare I say) brainstorming session. It is time to break out of the paradigm that has been the IRL (since the split) and it is time to start thinking outside of the one chassis, single rev-limited engine, spec-series corner that the league has painted itself into… Thank you George and thanks to all of the other dedicated bloggers out there in the ether….

  12. It was definitely an interesting show and some good points made by all concerned. It’s a little strange to finally hear the voices of people that you have been reading for a while, but it adds to the picture as well.
    George, I though you came across very good, but I must admit your voice is actually deeper than I initially thought, while Kohl had a higher pitch than I thought. Pressdog sounded exactly like I thought he was going to sound…

  13. Also, RHR”s Mom is very sick and his family need’s prayer. (I know that is off topic but important right now.)

  14. I finally heard the podcast yesterday, as I was saving it for a long car drive and wanted something worthwhile to listen to. You did a great job. Hope you enjoyed doing it as much as I did listening to it.

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