Changing My Opinion On Izod

It’s no secret that I have not been overly impressed with the persistent rumors that Izod would become the title sponsor. Well yesterday, the rumors became reality. From what I have read and heard since the official announcement was made at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, I’ll have to say I’m more impressed than I was expecting to be.

I had based my earlier opinion on just what I had seen – ugly clothes and a bad commercial. But going back to an article that I wrote on Wednesday, it really isn’t about what I think. They’ve already got me. Chances are – if you’re reading this article, they’ve got you too. No, this goes beyond the one single commercial we were inundated with this past season.

Apparently, Izod has a loyal following among hip dudes that are fairly affluent but have no previous experience with the IndyCar series. Not really being up on the latest fashion – in fact, not being up on ANY fashion – I was not aware of the fact that Izod is owned by Phillips-Van Huesen Corporation (PVH); a large clothing conglomerate whose portfolio includes Izod, Arrow, Bass, Calvin Klein and Van Huesen. They also hold licenses to several brands in the apparel industry with companies such as Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland, Kenneth Cole and DKNY just to name a few. Quite honestly, I know nothing about clothing. I’ve heard of these brands, but that’s about as far as my knowledge goes.

But I know there are very many people that follow this industry almost like it is a sport. They chase whatever someone tells them is chic, even if it defies logic. I know – I was once married to someone like this, but I digress.

There was a time when being seen at the Indianapolis 500 was important in Hollywood. It was a tremendous honor in the 1940’s for a major star to be chosen to greet the winning driver at Victory Lane at Indy, before the honor went to the 500 Festival Queen. In 1992, I remember going for a hotdog behind the scoring tower, which is now the Pagoda. Within about fifty feet, I saw George Steinbrenner, Regis Philbin and Amy Grant – all huge stars of the day. Now I feel honored if I can see Rueben from Survivor.

The goal of Izod is to tap into this group of trendsetters (chasers?) and make it chic to be seen at IndyCar races again. Usually, when you tell people that you are going to a race, it is assumed that you are going to a NASCAR race to spend your time holding your ears and dodging chicken bones. When you explain that it’s an IndyCar race, they generally look at you like you have two heads.

The thinking is that Izod can change that image. If so, more power to them. Apparently, the horrible commercial is a poor representation of their marketing power. Realizing the marketing expertise of their parent company, I’m willing to re-think my original stance and allow myself to be cautiously excited over the events of yesterday. They appear to have the ability to deliver exactly what the IRL needs – a new set of fans. Bringing fresh eyeballs to the sport has the potential to not only save the sport, but to take in a fresh new direction.

They seem to be sold on the sport and the 100-year history that goes along with it. They plan to utilize images from the past hundred years to promote their brand and our series. Thelogo deal is for six years with a two-year option and for a “multi-million dollar" commitment. Understandably, they have changed the name of the series to the Izod IndyCar Series and have freshened up the traditional IRL logo.

They have promised an aggressive approach to marketing, unseen before in the IRL. One touch that I’m surprisingly in favor of is their use of the two-seater IndyCar. They will have a two-seater in Izod livery that will be driven by a professional driver, but carrying either a lucky contest winner or some local executives to help build brand awareness for Izod and the series. The car will be driven in front of the field on the two parade laps before each race including the Indianapolis 500.

They have promised more driver involvement other than Ryan Hunter-Reay, who was understandably smiling. It looks like he has been pulled from the abyss and may have landed the fourth seat at Andretti-Green Racing (or whatever it’s going to be called) with the help of Izod funding. Getting a competitive American driver with a good team should benefit every facet of the series.

The team owners are happy with the long-term deal with a top name sponsor. PHV carries a lot of clout in corporate boardrooms. The fact that a company like that has committed to such a long-term deal lends an air of stability to a league that has previously been anything but. It should make sponsor hunting a little easier for all of the teams.

I know I have flip-flopped from my original stance. But after digging a little deeper and realizing the clout that PVH holds, it made a lot more sense to me that they should go this route instead of the predictable cell phone/beer/oil company sponsorship. I’ve given Terry Angstadt a lot of well-deserved grief in the past, but I’ll sing his praises on this one. The jury is still out obviously, but one day removed from their announced alignment with Izod – it appears that Angstadt may have hit one out of the park on this one.

The enthusiasm from all parties seems genuine. Now, it’s important to make sure that PVH, the IRL and the drivers all live up to their expectations. Although Terry Angstadt should breath a huge congratulatory sigh of relief today, his work has just started. It is up to him and all other parties to follow through on the enthusiasm from yesterday to make sure that Izod doesn’t go the way of Pep Boys and Northern Light.

George Phillips

46 Responses to “Changing My Opinion On Izod”

  1. Another excellent column George! Your open mind and insight makes bench racing such an enjoyable sport and as an avid reader your opinions are always considered when I am mulling over mine. As well, I think it will be a great partnership and I am enthusiastically embracing it. Now, I hope we see a few of the logos placed on the IZOD all-cotton shirts that I have always enjoyed wearing.

  2. I see a similarity with the Izod and Versus deals.

    Despite the criticism about VS, Indycar didn’t have much of a choice. ABC wanted five races and nobody would touch the others. Then VS makes an offer and end up doing a real nice job.

    And if we may have preferred the Budweiser Indycar League or the Coca-Cola Indycar League or maybe the unlikely Chevrolet Indycar League Powered by Honda, I feel like Izod is a real good fit and maybe–like Versus–they’ll try a little harder.

    The announcement left me pretty optimistic about the coming year.

  3. bickelmom Says:

    I was really impressed by the presentation yesterday and I’m excited. Like you, I was not all that enthusiastic about this possibility before. However, yesterday changed my mind. Go Izod Indycar!

  4. Dude, 98% of marketers would kill us all to have access to Izod’s main demographic. As far getting access to a lucrative audience, it doesn’t get any better than IZOD. Glad you’re not letting your rage at the over-played commercial cloud your judgment.

  5. George, I noticed that 16thandgeorgetown had some pictures of a new line of t shirts inspired by classic 500 cars. One of them was red with #14 and had “George’s Christmas list” written all over it….

    • JMO… but after reading George’s previous posts, he is NOT gonna throw down his $$$ on ANY of those vintage IZOD T-shirts.

      He might love those era of drivers… but will wait until they make a subdued & more “grown-up” #14 polo 💡

  6. IZOD Tshirts that is…

  7. Mr. 20 Prospect Says:

    Great post. Like you, I have been skeptical of the Izod deal. However, after yesterday’s press conference I must say, I am beginning to change my mind. They are definitely saying the right things about sponsorship activation, and the rumored budgets should help put memories of the awful commercial behind us.

    As I’ve said before, IndyCar’s strengths as a brand are, tradition (100 years!), youth (the driver’s more so than the fanbase :-), and global. These brand identities contrast very nicely with NASCAR’s. In fact, they are almost the opposite of NASCAR’s brand. These seem to fit well with Izod’s brand approach, and I can see where Izod might see value. It’s the reason they have a guy like Ryan Hunter Reay signed onto a personal sponsorship, and not Mark Martin.

    While I have not been in agreement with P-Dog that there is a huge demographic of IZOD wearing hipster male’s with excess cash waiting to get excited about motorsports, I do like the deep pockets of the parent company PVH, and think that if they can follow through on the promises made yesterday, they will undoubtedly raise IndyCar’s profile, and attract more eyes and sponsors. (The long term of the deal, and the credibility of PVH will do wonders for teams looking for sponsors.

    The rest is up to IndyCar to keep delivering a product that Izod can sell. That means good racing, a new car package, and drivers that fit well with IZOD. On that last point, just about every IndyCar driver could be a model for IZOD. Seriously, look at them. RHR, Marco, Graham, Dixon, Briscoe, Helio, Dario, they all are skinny young guys with funny accents who fit well in that IZOD target demo.

  8. If RHR goes with AGR…..thats like new wine in old wine skins…..the all American kid goes to the darkside…
    Confusion in advertising never works,,,
    The collegiate image that IXOD had with the original commercial with RHR is what makes the sport more appealing and appropriate for the new American crowd not the backstreet, old-time , last century Vegas…mutation….
    Most American families don’t like the crusty old playboy, girls-next door influence in our homes on Sunday afternoon…..

    RHR (with the original commercial) was the last hope for this series..It looks like the American Open Wheel League won’t get a new face….
    The old Vegas style with IZod will just be like yesterdays Chianti mixed with Napa’s Chandon Champaign.
    Not so good!

    • MARS… are you typing this from MARS ❓ WTF are you talking about ❓ ❓ The “Dark Side” is a term most sports people call the NY Yankees… a team that wins all the time (due to a HUGE $$$ pile)

      I must have missed AGR’s dominance against Penske & Ganassi this season

      • You must have missed the last two years..
        Penske and Target ruled the roost, of course ,we all know that…
        agrrr could have had 10 cars and they would loose. So sorry to hear that RHR has decided to join that team.
        So now I will watch Formula-1.
        Adio Pizzo

      • I think I sort of understand what MARS is trying to say. RHR is joining the “dark side” of an “evil” big, team of ill-repute, though I certainly don’t agree with any that sentiment.

        Actually, I’m not totally sure, MARS, where you’re getting a lot of your ideas from. Why would RHR joining AGR destroy any chance of Izod carrying, as you say it, a “collegiate” image into the series? For starts, I think you may have seen a much longer (and far different) version of last year’s Izod commercial than I saw. Did your version say a bunch of stuff about clean living and personal responsibility? Because the version I saw had a bunch of attractive young folks wearing stylish clothes, a zoomy loking race car, some confetti, RHR with some dazzling pearly whites, and that was about it. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just a 30 second ad, after all, not an instructional video. It just seems like you read a lot more into it than I did.

        Anyway, to return to the original point, Izod wants a clean, cut driver (RHR) in as competetive a seat as possible (AGR, obviously, Ganassi and Penske are full-up) to display their wares and carry their message. Can’t he do that with AGR just as well (or better) as he could at any other team? Would people be that much more convinced of any message that he’s carrying if he were cruising around in 15th all the time for Foyt? Or Vision? As far as the rest of AGR goes, though, does the fact that Danica’s posed in a bikini and the fact that Marco dates playmates (in relative privacy, at that) really scream “disreputable!” and “raunchy!” so loudly that it undercuts the entire organization? It sure doesn’t to me, but maybe I’m wrong there.

        I guess the point is this: AGR gives RHR a better chance to succeed than any other available team. Izod wants him to win, in order to carry their message forward into the public eye, whether it’s “live clean” (like you seem to be saying) or “buy our $60 shirts” (like I think; and believe me, I wish I had a couple hundred bucks to drop on their new shirts). Either way, isn’t AGR a good idea for them?

      • MARS: RHR is not joining Penske or Ganassi… so again I fail to see a connection to how AGR is the “Dark Side” 💡

        Also AGR has hired Tom Anderson (former Ganassi & Fernandez GM
        ) 2010 should be an improvement… would you prefer RHR stay at top tier 🙂 teams like Foyt ❓ I don’t follow your logic.

  9. Scott Simmons Says:

    I too think this does make sense. If you think about the kind of clothes the typical NASCAR fan wears on a daily basis or in the evening out on the town (not to steretype!) vs. what an Indy car fan would wear out on the town then IZOD makes perfect sense.

  10. S. S. Minnow Says:

    A credit to Tony George’s groundwork?

    Does anyone know to what extent Tony George was involved in laying out the groundwork which has resulted in Izod signing on as INDY Car sponsor?

    Credit to Terry Angstat but to what percent?

    And possibly what percent credit is possibly the result of background preparation work of Tony George?

    And no mention of Tony if Tony had been involved w/Izod?

    • Lets see. Tony WAS involved with the Northern Light & Pep Boys 💡

      Why would you think Tony had ANY involvement Are you one of Tony’s kids or something ❓ Come on… he’s GONE for a reason ❗ Let the new guys take their due credit

      • S.S. Minnow Says:

        AZZ045 – Appears that this IZOD contract happened overnight?

        You write, “Let the new guys take their due credit.”

        I agree with you to a point but why do you neglect apparently allowing all the “guys” take credit?

        This contract did not happen overnight.

        What of the initial involvement of Tony George & Joe Chitwood to assist in drawing IZOD to INDY CARS & then IZOD’s involvement in INDY Cars prior to their signing on as series sponsors?

        It would appear from your writing that you know the “reason” why Tony is “gone” – when you write “Come on … he’s GONE for a reason.”

        Why not share that reason with us?

        Cheers. – S.S. Minnow.

      • S.S.: No mystery brother 💡 Tony spent a crap-load of family $$$ for over a decade on a series that never needed to be controlled by the Hulman-George family ❗

        TG’s grand dad said as much while he was alive. His sisters obviously recalled this too. Numerous people were employed to do a variety of things for IMS. Why does Tony get a pass on the long list of “bad” & get championed for the few bright spots in 14 seasons ❓

  11. Speedgeek..
    No worries mate, I wrote previously (before I read the news that RHR was signing with AGR) how I thought RHR Izod was a classy team. That said, you can’t put new wine in old wine skins…
    Sticking to Formula-one now and will NOT buy IZOD anything for my young son. In fact, I am so dissapointed that I will clean out the closet and throw away any IZod apparel. The general public is not brain-washed or that befuddled. Didn’t you ever play the game”Which things don’t go togeather? Correct sequencing in advertising is almost instinctual, maybe one needs more than a high school education to get that…Izod and Oscar Myer Weiner mobiles….not so much. I guess RHR wants to be an OMW? Very dissappointed.

    • Putting all cliches aside, this is a smart move for RHR, for Indycar and for the fans. You are making assumptions on something that was only announced yesterday. If you think Indycar is going in the wrong direction because it is not appealing to a wholesome family but declaring that you are now going to watch F1 which is full of cheating, lies, and scandals (mosley) you really aren’t an educated race fan. You need to have watched more racing than just 06-09 IRL season.

      • RHR is the only all-American face for the IRL now he has sold his soul to Andretti-Wanika…. (AW)….

        Moseley is truly a wanker (and a spanker) but at least the automotive engineering is there. What ever happened to VW for IRL….VW and Izod and maybe some other automaker besides Hondy for the series. All I wanted was the clean All-American favorite to speak up for the new elite collegiate crowd. …you know Change I can believe in.

      • MARS,
        I…..don’t understand a word of that. I’m kind of at a complete loss for words, actually.

        Sorry that IndyCar has lost you as a fan, for whatever reason. F1’s going to be interesting in 2010. Hope you find what you’re looking for in your race fandom over there.

    • So Graham Rahal is Canadian MARS:?: He’s sponsored by an American based hamburger joint not red white & blue enough for ya ❓

      So because Marco’s step mom is a former Playboy Playmate & he’s a rich spoiled brat he can’t be marketed as a good ole ‘Merican ❓ ❓

  12. Don’t worry every thing is going to be alright..Bob Marley

    (Also the song that the current IZOD Indy commercial has in the backround. It was very comforting..I almost had hope.)

    Actually I was compulsive about watching Indy, maybe this “RHR-AW ” aversion will give me a new lease on life. …Makes me want to turn right and ….

    Since Art is my field I can say that that RHR and AW just doesn’t work well., like A knee out of joint.

  13. MARS, you’re entitled to your opinion but to me, your opinion is devoid of facts, scurrilous, holier-than-thou and completely without merit, but that’s the way you wish to think, so frankly there’s nothing else to say to you.

    I personally think this could be a great deal for IndyCar and RHR. First, a committed sponsor willing to market the series in many different avenues, that can never be called a bad thing. As for RHR, this is probably the best seat he’s EVER had in CART/ChampCar/IndyCar. If the team can fix its issues-which imo won’t happen until you-know-who is no longer in the mix-then the team-whatever it will be named-can be more competitive than it has been recently. I really like what IZOD presented yesterday. Hopefully, it will all come to fruition.

  14. When “you know who” grows up and acts like an athlete we will all be pleased….in my crazed obsession, I stumbled upon RHR and was elated with Izod commercial and when it finally resinated…The rendition of the Bob Marley song in the backround, the collegiate crowd, the all American fresh, intellegent American College men(almost like the river club, or the Polo-club). Civility. Sport. It was a breath of fresh air…finally. …the “I am Indy” theme song had dissipated.
    As in art….sometimes the piece is just finished and complete. Of course AW would have to suck up the air in the room.

  15. George I would copy and paste the discourse in the comments of today’s blog and have it bound and sent to the national archives. Right up there with the Jefferson / Adams letters.

  16. tim nothhelfer Says:

    Wow…..People are fired up!

    I was losing my optimism for a title sponsorship deal at all.
    If the IZOD people are excited and want to put their resources and energy into ICS I see this as a very good thing.

    Hopefully we will soon be complaining about large crowds, drivers signing for teams we may not like for a fatter paychecks….and too many new fans who don’t know enough about the sport!

  17. Mars, I have read your comments about how IndyCar is not out there promoting safety for young drivers and am a little perplexed.

    Ever hear of DRIVERS EDGE? It is a tour that goes across the country (25-30 cities each year) and teaches a course for young drivers–ABSOLUTELY FREE. My son had the privilege of taking the course shortly after he got his license. They had a wet skid pad, obstacle course, evasive lane maneuvering, and panic braking techniques–they even had a vehicle roll-over simulator. Guess who sponsors it–Bridgestone/Firestone and IndyCar–to name the two top sponsors. My son got a wealth of information from the course and they even gave him a very nice emergency road kit when it was over. They strongly encourage parental involvement as well. Here is the link: Check it out–of course classes fill up fast because it is FREE, but it is the best course my son ever took related to defensive driving.

    I think maybe you should do a little research before you make blanket statements about Indycar or ANY sports organization not caring about today’s youth and the measures they take to promote health and safety.

    • Indygrrl dear:
      Actually one year after my beautiful 18 year old daughter was killed in 2005…I contacted Driver’s Edge because they advertised that they would come to 10 cities where Indy races occur. They refused my request and therefore I question their “non-profit” status.. Again when I was visiting in Las Vegas, I looked them up..Driver’s Edge, not surprisingly were located right next to the old Vegas Track, …no offfice front, however. Because my daughter was killed (vehicular-homicide) accordingto the police report, on the way to a Honda sponsored Indy race, apparently, the car was driven by a young man who aspired to work on an Indy racing Team and “grew up” with an Indy family, etc., etc., I have watched every single race since I began recovering from this nightmmare. Actually, my husband, a graduate from MIT in mechanical engineering, wrote the very first software package for the SEMA show, in the late 1980’s and we have always loved formula-one racing. We actually love the older antique formula one cars, works of art! We have been fans of formula one for many years and lived in Europe in the 80’s….Grand Prix’s in Formula one are spectacular and we were shocked to find that children actually train for openwheel racing here in the states. Our neighbor’s Dad actually won an Indy 500 race ,,,,he quit after 2 people were killed in the bleachers..his family were members of our church and the most wonderful people….Sadly their Chevy Car Dealership went bankrupt recently…..It was not as if we were not exposed to racing, or the love of automobile sporting events. Never did we expect that our daughter (Honor student…NASA intern etc.) would be killed in an incident where youngsters were competing on the road….Tragedy for all involved…..
      Now We live in the middle of the “Race-Coast”, apparently…we have many racing fatalities on the highways before and after many of the spectacular racing events… …So to make a long, sad story very short, Driver’s Edge seems to be an arm of IRL(from old Vegas) and they would not come to our small town and honor their own advertisement.

      The young IRL drivers 18-21 are very young and actually have a complete duty to their young audience,,,like it or not… COnsumer protection should require some thing,,, Liberty in America comes with huge responsibility.
      My daughter was not a race fan, and had no clue what she was in for when she climbed into the vehicle. She didn’t sign up for an Indy race or a NASCar experience….children who are around SPEED will SPEED….like it or not.
      Unintended consequences occur…many times. In the state where automobile racing is soooo prevalent, there are no statistics of street racing because professional racing is a protected revenue source.
      My daughter was not a Danika fan and we, as educated Americans would have never guessed that kids under 21 raced open-wheel professionally, or even before they graduate from High School. The first professional Indy race that I watched was the 2006 Indy 500. SInce then I have been recovering from PTSD.

      I watched Danika’s Mom,” Bev” on Oprah when Danika was 16 and I can say that she was an incredible mother with extensive accountability. Danika was not allowed to drive regular street vehicles because she couldn’t handle anything but SPEED…on the track.. During that particular interview….almost 12 years ago….Danika’s Mom, BEV said she even had to monitor friends etc., …as i remember, Danika was actually in England for her high School education. Point is that her Mom, BEV SPOKE Up for Safety…not aggressive driving training….which is not very effective in developing the SAfety Message, from many points of view, including the Children’s Hospital of PA., which has a research center for prevention…The professionals who handle the fatalities and the unintended consequences of wreckless driving on the road…They declared the third week in October as National SAfe Teen Driving Week, why shouldn’t racing venues also advertise this week?
      So since IRL wants a young audience, speak to the audience,
      RHR and Izod gave me some hope that the adult, club-like atmosphere could be challanged. You have to be 21 to go to an adult club, there are warnings on cigarettes, and warnings on alcohol….
      I have paid the ultimate price, although it has never been acknowledged but this is America and I am a mega- tax payer: since IRL racing is in my state…I have an oppinion…

      • I don’t get your response. I have no idea what it means to lose a child, I do know after losing someone dear to me, that you search for someone to blame.

        Danica is actually spelled with a “C”–I find it hard to believe that someone who has watched every Indycar race since God was a baby, does not know how to spell DANICA–her name is pretty much splashed everywhere.

        Sorry, I do question your Indy knowledge and think you simply surf around for blogs to spout off you hatred, using the death of your child to garner sympathy. There are better, more productive ways to grieve–have you sought counseling?

  18. MARS, while I sympathize with your loss, it seems to me that you clearly have issues that you are projecting on IndyCar which have nothing at all to do with the series or the racing or IZOD. The purpose of this blog was for George to acknowledge that he is rethinking his view on IZOD’s sponsorship of the indyCar series.

    What you have posted, however, are a series of long winded rants that are completely off the core subject. Did you actually read George’s blog post? You really haven’t made a direct comment on the post, instead railing about things which have absolutely NOTHING to do with the IndyCar series. This is a IndyCar blog, let’s keep the focus on the series. If you wish to write your diatribes, there are plenty of places to do so. This is not one of them.

  19. Back to the topic…IZOD IndyCar Series – good. RHR to Andretti – good.

  20. OK, I wanted to be finished with this topic, but it seems I can’t stay away.

    There are two things that have been largely ignored in this thread (though JohnMc and others have periodically touched on them): 1) RHR was all over the Izod announcement this week, front and center during the press conference. He’s not going anywhere, or even changing sponsors, just changing teams. He’s probably going to have an increased profile (and many more TV ads) in 2010, both because he’s with a more prominent team and because of his close personal relationship with Izod. And on that note…2) Izod is now the SERIES sponsor. Whatever message they are trying to carry forward with the help of the IndyCar series is going to be carried forward not just by RHR, but by EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the paddock.

    MARS, you make a lot of assumptions about what RHR’s choice of teams will mean. Maybe those are well founded assumptions, maybe not. I personally vote “not well founded”. As I said before, if you’re willing to give up on the entire IndyCar series because your favorite driver is probably (and not even definitely, at this stage) going to drive for a team that you don’t like, that’s your perogative. I personally don’t think that’s a very good or mature decision, but that’s your right.

    Go enjoy F1. Now, please leave the rest of us alone.

  21. I have been “kicked off” the site but I will ask my friends (on Twitter) if thety want MAcy’s to advertise for IRL when the IRL league and its Teams will not reciprocate Safety messages for our teens or even recognize NATIONAL SAFE TEENDRIVING WEEK…the 3rd week in October, sponsored by the Children’s Hospital of PA! SPEED KILLS!

  22. Back on topic, I was personally delighted when the deal was *officially* announced (although, let’s be honest – we knew about it for ages) as it really signals a lifeline for the series.
    Personally I’m looking forward to next year; not just because I love motor-racing, but I believe that a more focused Andretti Racing will build the series into a three way battle again.
    I wonder if RHR will have the same number as he did in the IZOD commercial though?

    Now, if only the series started in Long Beach…..

  23. MARS, I don’t think you have been “kicked off” the site-although that is what I would do to you if it were my blog-but clearly you have issues and an agenda which doesn’t belong in this arena. I’m not going to try to reason with you because, based on your posts, that would be futile. I will just say again that this is not the forum to post the things you have posted.

    BTW, prior to your post, I had never heard of Drivers Edge. That, and the fact that you misspelled relevant, pretty much puts paid to your credibility here.

    Idygrrrl, thank you for your support. I truly appreciate it.

    Now, back on subject, I am very much looking forward to the IZOD IndyCar Series for 2010 and beyond, and hopefully IZOD and IndyCar management can build on this momentum to return the series, if not to the level that AOWR had back in the 80’s and 90’s, to a level that the series is commercially, competitively and financially viable.

  24. RHR and Vision racing.. Give TG something in his losses.

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