Practice Day-Two Recap

The weather that was supposed to go through last night never did. So far, I’ve not seen a drop of rain since I’ve been here (knock on wood). Today was warmer than yesterday and it showed on track. Josef Newgarden ran the quickest lap of the day at 228.856, which was almost a mile an hour slower than yesterdays fast speed set by his Penske teammate Will Power.


There were two major incidents today. The first occurred as I was eating lunch around 12:30. I happened to be in front of a TV monitor and watching when the picture went to the end of the Turn Three crash by Fernando Alonso. I didn’t realize the severity of the crash until I saw the replay. By the time I saw it, Alonso had already climbed out. It’s a good thing, because the hit was scary. The second of the three hits was the hardest, when he backed it into the inside retaining wall. Had I not known that he was already out of the car, I would have feared for his back.

Unfortunately for Alonso, the crash set them back even further. First they lost time in the open-test a couple of weeks ago. Then they were sidelined with electrical issues for most of Tuesday. Then today, after turning a lap of 225.433 mph – he stuffed it into the fence. It sounds like the plan for McLaren is to get the backup ready to run tomorrow and then rebuild the primary car to at least be ready as a backup for qualifying.

I am not ready to jump on the bandwagon that says McLaren is doomed, but tomorrow is very important in their quest for speed in a backup. Stay tuned.

Then just into Happy Hour, an even scarier incident took place in Turn Two when Felix Rosenqvist hit the outside wall, then darted across the track, directly in the path of Will Power. How they missed each other is a mystery. As Power narrowly missed him, Rosenqvist went head-on into the inside tire barrier.

Fortunately, Rosenqvist was checked and released and cleared to drive. I happened to be in the garage area when they brought his damaged car in. Just looking at it was a grim reminder of how dangerous this place can be.


For the record Newgarden was fastest, followed by Scott Dixon just a tick slower at 228.835. Spencer Pigot, Santino Ferrucci and Helio Castroneves rounded out the Top-Five. The five slowest cars were (in order, from fastest to slowest) James Hinchcliffe, Colton Herta, Alexander Rossi, Pippa Mann and Ben Hanley.

Again, none of this means anything. Different teams were working on different goals for the day. It won’t really be until Fast Friday when we can start reading things into the speed chart.

It was another fun day at the track. This was the day I moved around. I went to the viewing mounds in Turn Two and then went up to Stand BB and checked out the view from the penthouse. I shot the following two videos from both vantage points, but I think I could get used to BB for the race. But I think they are about double the price of my seats in Stand A.

That’s about do it today. The weather forecast looks good until Sunday. Please check back tomorrow for a morning post and another afternoon update. And again, thanks for following along.

George Phillips

5 Responses to “Practice Day-Two Recap”

  1. Thanks for the photos and videos. The two crashes were scary. Glad Felix and Fernando are unhurt.

  2. Carburetor Says:

    Thank you for the updates George! Not as good as being there, but fun nevertheless to see and hear how things are developing. Have fun!

  3. Love the photos and videos! I have been busy so I hadn’t even caught wind of the Felix crash! Looks like we are getting back to the era of crashes in practice at Indy. Used to be such a regular occurrence there.

  4. Bruce B Says:

    George, you mentioned you think you tickets are going to double next year?? Please explain. We have a hard enough time filling up the place as it is. Doubling the price? Sarcasm??

    • Did I say that? Sorry for the confusion. What I meant was that if we moved from my current seats in Stand A to new seats in Stand BB – it would probably double the cost. My seats are $113. I think those seats are around $225 (I’m guessing).

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