Good Afternoon From IMS

Good afternoon from a cold and cloudy Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

First a Public Service Announcement – For whatever reason, they have chosen this weekend to close I-65 North of I-465. That has created a massive bottleneck. Traffic was backed up for three miles when we hit it. So much for being here for the second practice.

Then we we got here, there was a problem with Susan’s credentials. We had to go to the Media Center, they had to fix things in the system and then go back to the Admin Building outside of Turn One. Long story short – we are just now getting settled.

US F200 is currently having their first race of the weekend. The NTT IndyCar Series Qualifying takes place at 4:30 EDT. We are about to head to the garage area for the first time this month to get the lay of the land and watch crews make last minute changes before qualifying. Plus, I’m starving. I want something to eat. Few stands are open today so I won’t be going on my tenderloin search today. I’ll settle for the nearest hot dog.

I’ll be back here after qualifying. Please check back then.

George Phillips

4 Responses to “Good Afternoon From IMS”

  1. Yannick Says:

    Thanks in advance for the coverage.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Ron Ford Says:

    At 3:30 PM CST in Milwaukee, there is no IndyCar qualifying on NBC

  3. ‘Change is bad, but I’ll report the verdict tomorrow.”
    but changing wives was good for you and me.

  4. Top Tip: Use the Waze app on your phone while you’re driving, it will alert you to closures and detour you around them.

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